Sunday, August 1, 2010

Both kids riding bikes without training wheels in the same weekend!

We have graduated to a new level of big kid around here. Bikes without training wheels!

Its been stormy with the monsoons and overcast, so yesterday we decided to take the kids to the park and try to teach Sam to ride without his training wheels. So we did that and he was off and riding on his own in the first 5 minutes! He rode all over the park loving every second of it! He was so proud and I was so proud too. It felt like when he started walking or something. haha.

Then today, we went riding again and Charlie's training wheel broke off. So we took off the training wheels and Carl started running him around on the bike. Sure enough, he was off and riding too! Its crazy! All it takes is a big brother for motivation sometimes! I cant believe how fast Charlie picks up the things Sam does. Its crazy that they both learned to ride in the same weekend!

I also should mention that I was very proud of Carl this weekend. It was so humid and muggy out. He ran and kept up with both boys, who need help every time they fall. He was soaked with sweat. Im happy to have a husband that is almost 40 that can keep up with them. Go Carl!

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