Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Its my time now

I started school last week. Im studying to be an Aesthetician. Ive only gone to school a few days but I am already LOVING it!!! By the 3rd day, we were already hands on. So that means that almost every day right now, I am giving a one hour facial and receiving one. Its absolutely amazing. I lay there and relax and the lights are dimmed and the music is going and everyone is quiet and working or relaxing. I just cant believe this is school. Its fun. I enjoy it. Im excited about what Im learning and excited to go each day. Its a first for me. So this is what its like to be working on something you love. I think its wonderful.

There are 18 girls in my class. Most of them are in their early 20's. Myself and 3 others are in our 30's and one lady is almost 50. Its fun. So far everyone is getting along fine. We are getting to know eachother and its already becoming a comfortable atmosphere where we joke and tell stories. We get two 30 minute breaks and an hour for lunch so its nice that we all have so much time each day to shoot the breeze. Ive been enjoying Tempe again. Its been years since I had a reason to be in Tempe on a regular basis. Today I ate at Dilly's Deli...just as good as ever. It has been years since Ive been there. Im planning on Nello's later this week. I get to go to lunch with new friends and hang out and talk about adult type stuff. I barely think about the kids and house when I am gone for 8 hrs a day. Its a HUGE mental break and it makes me really savor the time I do have with Sam and Charlie.

We are all adjusting just fine. Carl has been super helpful and that has been a very unexpected bonus. He feeds Charlie breakfast and gets him dressed and takes him to school each day. He said he would make dinner once a week and so far he has made Chalupa on my first day of school and Ceviche yesterday...both turning out perfect. He's been picking up and doing laundry and loading the dishwasher. It is sooooo nice to come home and find that I dont have to do it all.

Im just very thankful right now. I cant believe I get to do this.