Thursday, September 25, 2008

I have to laugh..

After a long day of just the kids and myself, Im always happy to sit and relax after everyone is finally in bed. House all to myself. I like that, since I lived alone for 5 years, I really enjoy the silence. Tonight, I just had to laugh, when I went to use the guest bathroom and came across this typical mess that anyone with a toddler knows all too well:

Right now C is into EVERYTHING! Oh my gosh. I thought S was bad. Nope, C is much MUCH worse. This kid has already figured out how to use the door knobs. How to pull out a drawer to stand in it so he can reach whatever is on the counter. He knows how to pull a chair over to wherever he wants to climb.

His favorite place in the house right now is the bathroom. He especially loves the pool bathroom, because it has a fan switch low enough for him to reach. He's all over that any chance he gets. Of course, he loves toilet paper and all the fun a mile long roll of paper can afford. Many times, Ive found all the toilet paper in a huge wad on the floor. I have to be quick and pick that up because if Im lazy and take too long, S will find it and "help" mom out by sticking the entire wad into the toilet and flushing it..because that is where toilet paper goes, afterall.

Ive become very familiar with a plunger...the joys of being a mommy!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grandpa McGuire's 100th Birthday

Last weekend, we flew to MI to celebrate a huge event, Grandpa McGuire's 100th Birthday. It was a really great time for all of us. I really am amazed at the size of our family, and how everyone keeps in such close touch!

We flew in on Friday and that night we went to Rose's house for a cousin's party. There were a bunch of my cousins there, with their spouses and kids. It was great to catch up and see all the kids. We didn't stay out too late on Friday because we had a HUGE day coming up for Grandpa's bday.
Saturday morning, everyone met at the school that is next to Grandpa's house. We had to use their gymnasium to do a family photo. That is what it takes to get 150 people in a photo together. It was hilarious when it came time to do a photo of just the great grandchildren. Picture 20 toddlers being put down by their moms all at the same time, then the mom's running away to get out of the photo. Screaming and crying and fits ensued. I'm sure it will be a hilarious photo! The little ones were sprawled out on the floor, throwing fits and all the babies were screaming with their little terror faces babies have when they scream.

After the photo, we headed over to the church across the street and had a special Mass just for our family honoring Grandpa and his life. Its amazing that Grandpa's immediate family can fill a church! It was very special. Lots of people got up and talked about Grandpa and it was very evident what a remarkable life he has led.

Once the mass ended, it was back across the street to Grandpa's house where the celebrating and festivities began. There was good food, live music, open bar and of course, lots of ice cream and chocolate milk. Kids were everywhere! S was having a blast playing with all his little cousins. I was having a blast catching up with everyone, and running myself ragged trying to stay on C like a hawk. Between Carl, my dad and I, we were able to watch him pretty good. The alcohol was flowing all day, from noon to midnight. It brings out a whole different side of people! Like Carl singing, Alice's Restaurant with Uncle Tom Rice playing guitar. Or Luis belting out LaBamba! Then there were endless games of beer pong that I could not drag my cousins or husband away from.

It was such a great party! Just like a 100th Birthday party should be. Grandpa was out a lot of the day, being greeted by his friends and family. He was so happy to have all of us there. We were so happy we could be there. I loved getting to see all my siblings, and am so thankful for each of them. Carl had a really great time. It was his first trip to MI to meet that side of the family and he fit right in! Everyone loved him and thought he was great and he loved everyone too. I am looking forward to more trips to MI, much more often now.

We had a room at the Novi Sheraton, but was not impressed with the hotel room. When my cousin Greg and his wife offered their home to us, I could not pass it up. They have 3 kids, Mason, Myles and Michaela. Myles and Michaela are the same age as S and C, so it was perfect. A baby proofed house, with tons of toys... we could let the boys run wild and sit back and relax. It was so nice hanging with Greg and Kim. I hadn't hung with Greg since we were kids, so it was really nice to catch up with them. They cooked us a great steak dinner and we visited for 2 nights. It was fun. We cant wait for them to come to AZ for a visit, so we can return the hospitality!

Aside from the flight there, which was terrible, the entire trip was great. Its just not fun travelling on a long plane ride with a 16 month old. Its not easy to keep them entertained, especially when they scream for 80% of the flight. Once I pulled out all the tricks in my bag, I was reduced to sticking raisins between C's toes, for him to pick out and eat. I know its gross, but it was the only thing that brought out a giggle, and stopped the screaming. Whatever works!

Thanks to my entire family for making it such a great trip. We are sooo lucky to have so many cousins and aunts and uncles to have a blast with. I loved these pics of Leslie and Maria being great Aunties.