Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sharing a room

*this entry was written over a month ago and I forgot all about posting it. I think I wanted to get a pic of their room in. I may do that today. But I still think this is worth remembering.

Lately, Sam has been complaining that he didnt want to sleep alone. I always tell him he has to, then kiss him and leave the room. When I think about that, I felt kind of bad. Why should he have to sleep alone when I dont have to? I asked him if he'd like to share his room with Charlie, so they could sleep together every night and he was so excited and said yes. Today we moved Charlie's crib into Sam's room. We had to do a little rearranging of the furniture, but everything fits very nicely! Im happy with how it all looks. Tonight was the first night putting them down together and it went fine. I told Sam that he can talk to Charlie, but has to stay in his bed. And he did. I heard some talking and goofing around, but soon after I walked out, Charlie went to sleep. It took Sam about 20 more minutes to fall asleep. All in all, it went very well. I hope that sharing a room brings them closer as siblings.

6-24-09: Well, its been over a month and its going good. They are both used to sleeping together. It takes them over an hour usually to settle down and go to sleep. Charlie can climb out of his crib now too, so that poses a few challenges. He cant climb back in, so I may just take the rail off and convert it to a toddler bed, until we can get bunk beds for them.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Preschool is over

Sam had his end of the year program at his school last night. It was really cute. They all sang songs on the stage, then got called down one by one to get their diplomas. Sam will be in Pre-K next year, then its off to Kindergarden! I cant believe how fast time is going with him. That is Sam, front and center with the red and white striped shirt on. CUTE.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kauai Part 1

My friend John FINALLY uploaded a slide show from the first half of our trip to Kauai in March. Such good times. Such great photography! Its long, over 400 photos, but they are amazing photos that capture every detail of our trip. Ive already watched this many time, feeling nostalgic and wishing I could be back in Paradise. I feel so lucky that my good friend John is such an awesome photographer and made this awesome slide show for us.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Did I climb out of your mouth??

Tonight when I was putting Sam to bed, I told him that I loved him so much and he was special because he was my first born. We had an interesting conversation that followed.

"I was born?" Said Sam.
"Yes, you were the first one born, that is what first born means."
"I was in your tummy all alone for a long time. How did I get out of there?"

Ummm "Well, God took you out."

"Well how did I get out of your belly though? Did I climb out of your mouth?"

Ok, after I held it all in, wanting to burst out laughing, we had a nice discussion where I lied to him and told him that no, he did not climb out of my mouth he came out of my belly button. "but did I climb out myself?" NO!!! You didnt. God said it was time and he had the doctors take you out of me."


So that was that. I had no idea what to say! Maybe it would have helped if Id have gone to the 3 week bible study Im attending right now on teaching your kids about healthy sexuality. Except today I completly forgot we had that class today and I just skipped it. Go figure that the day I miss the class, Sam asks his first question about sexuality.

Maybe God is telling me something.